I was having some problems with my main guitar after I swapped pickups and some people told me it might be that they're microphonic. Well, the bridge pup was when I got it and I wax potted it, and it was nowhere nearly as bad, but both had similar symptoms to microphonic pickups, just not as bad.

Anyway, I went to play the other day and it was horribly screechy and I could hear myself through the amp when I talked into the pickup. So I switched amps. Same thing. So I tried my other guitar, same thing through both amps on all three single coils. I had been playing 2 days before and it was fine. Well, not fine since I've always gotten an obnoxious amount of screech, but no where near this bad on both instruments.

Is it even possible that all my pups on both guitars went microphonic in a 2 day period?. Wtf? Or is it something else?
Bad tubes, maybe?
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both amps. one is solid state, the other one i replaced the tubes about 2 months ago and they still seem to be working well. I haven't had a chance to play since Tuesday, but i'm getting together with my band tomorrow. Hopefully it's a one time thing?

I really feel like I just need to bite the bullet and get a new guitar.