I didn't really know where to post this, but I just need a few quick questions answered..


How strong is extra-light, light and medium. I want to get medium, but I'm a righty and my left hand isn't really THAT strong (I've been playing for about 2-3 years), but I also don't want it to get easy, I don't want to buy it only to have it be useless in a month.

Also - Would these even actually do anything? Only $6, so I figured it wouldn't really be that much of a waste of money...
Mkay, it's recommended doing more reps with a lighter tension than less reps with a tension you can hardly handle(says on the packaging from some hand therapist association). So getting the light tension wouldn't be a bad thing, over doing it can really do some damage to your hands. Now for my 2 cents bout the product. ha, I swear by em. If you follow their workout plan it helps a ton between using it CORRECTLY, stretching the fingers every day and practicing scales a ton my finger speed, strength, and agility have improved drastically.
Stop failing, and things will work out.