Will be playin alot barchordy stuff thats in lite indie rock...
I would like to be able to move up and down the neck quickly and sound is obviously important..I cant really try out the guitars befor i get one online as the local music shop is sooo small(although they did have an epi sg which with the brief time i had with it sounded lovely unplugged)


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I'd go for the Fat Strat.
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fat strat is the most versitile guitar ive tried to date, so tht would be my vote.
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Fat strat.
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It really just depends on you. If you need good clean tone and a guitar that will respond well to distortion then go with the strat. If what you are playing will be mostly rock oriented covered with distortion then go strait for the epi... hope that helps.
The mexican built Fenders are way better than Epis, go with the Strat!

*edit: And I own an Epi.
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Fat strat all the way :p
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