Its pretty much the best version I have seen. And I hate the fact every time I watch It I try to learn it and fail
wow that was pretty much amazing...

i have no other words to sum that up

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fly ass ******s wearin my hat

I hate this video but love it.

I have gotten somewhere and think I'm somewhat good but this guy is so ****ing amazing it's insane..
if you ever think you're half-good you watch this guy and you sink to the bottom of the boat...
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I think this is the best version I've listened to..


This guys probably the best guitar player for his age, I think 16 now? Watch some of his other songs like for the love of god.

Wow.. if he is really that young, he is REALLY good! =O

But for me, comparing playing technique, I prefer GGuerra ;D
Hmm... I always seem to place players who don't use their pinkys very low on my "these guys have good technique" list.
Am I the only one that HATES this version of Canon? It's just so annoying and arrogant. urgh, can't stand it. He is a good player though.
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A lot of pros do that: if they play a wrong note, they'll hit it again to make it look as if it's intentional. It's called "jazz", aparently.