Hey. I was really bored and a little drunk and recorded She's Not There by The Zombies. Even if you think you don't know this song, I bet you do (just like my last post, For What It's Worth). I did an improv solo in place of their electric piano version, and I kinda like it. I also pussied out on the high vocals in the chorus but tried to make up for it with cool harmonies. Tell me if you think my evasive strategies were worthwhile!


If you expect a kick in the balls and get a slap in the face, it's a victory.
-Ardal O'Hanlon

ME \/
Nice clean guitar work, nice clean vocals and harmony... Nice clean recording!
Actually, I'd like to hear just a little reverb on the whole thing - but that's just me.
Very well done!

If you have a chance, would you critique my cover song?
Gimme Shelter
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