It's the only song on my profile, check it out. It's basicially a complete improv that just struck me a few minutes ago, should I keep it and work with it a bit more?
Sounds like this has a lot of potential, but you have to work on some kind of decent quality and keeping your guitars in tune, and keeping the time lol. The backing guitar should have a bit less distortion on it, and i would recommend switching to a pickup closer to the bridge for a bit more of a cleaner distorted sound on the lead. Over, it has really good potential.
Dial down the distortion on your rhythm guitar. I dunno, I always like using neck pickups for soloing, and I think yours sounds fine with it. Maybe take off a little bit of gain.
It's a cool solo, it is definitely hard rock

Good Job.
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Thanks everybody, when I'm done I'll be sure to put up a better version. Sorry about the mixing btw, I had to use headphones and I'm not used to doing that.