Hey guys, when you chug are you supposed to downpick only? For some reason since master of puppets I have assumed your only supposed to downpick the chug to get that dark sound... do bands alternate pick it or just down? I realize if its fast its prob alternated but whats the general rule here?
Normally when I play Metallica, I just throw my guitar out my window. I personally think it sounds better.
Once it gets to a certain speed, it should be alt. picked in order to save your wrist.

Metalcore is mostly alt picked (at least by me), but MoP was originally downpicked, right? Was james not good at alt picking rhythms, or did he still just want that chug sound...
I always use up strokes.

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well, put bass on 10, middle on 0 and treble on 10, then just palm mute and see how chuggy it sounds.
To actually answer the question...

I'm pretty sure Master of Puppets is all downstrokes in the rythym. However, you don't need to always downstroke for chugging. It's just easier to do it that way, to me. But for really fast stuff, you'll have to alt pick.
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You should always downpick when you palm mute

Hate to sound like a dick but what about if you're palying 16th notes at 220bpm and the notes needed to be palm muted? Downpicking all the time doesn't always work, but IMO in terms of rhythm, at least, anything as fast as quavers at 220bpm (which equates to 440 notes a minute) should downpicked consistently, unless of course huge string skips are involved. Train yourself to play like that and you'll kick ass.
To understand it:
Sonata Arctica - Alternated PM
Metallica - Downpicked PM.

I think that it shows the differences pretty much. I personally like to alternate PM.

Mustaine actually did a video for Guitar World a month back about how he felt downpicking was a far more aggressive sounding "chug" than alt-picking. Alt-picking is far more suited to a trill sound than a chug sound - play MoP downpicked and then alt-picked and you'll see what he means.
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well, usually when you alternate pick the upstroke sounds slightly different to the down stroke but it is possible to adjust your technique slightly so they both sound the same which gives that consistent "chug" sound.

for something like master of puppets though id still downpick the whole thing