Hey guys, I just recorded a random song. It's in my profile, and comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

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Dude, I dig it! Love that rockin' blues spiced up with some Marshall and Les Paul.

BTW...that is a trip guitar...Looks like a flying V-Paul or something...cool.
Thank you! Yea, I bought it because I've never seen any other guitar like it. It's awesome.
didnt like the beginning a whole lot but the soloing sounded good. overall it was a pretty tight piece and i also liked how the lead of being complemented by the rhythm guitar.

right now im looking for some uploading my song, maybe you can take a look
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holy crap, that was honestly one of the best improvs I've heard in a long time. sounds very ZZTop'ish. I have one critisism though, when you start the tapping lick (was it tapping?) it starts to get a weaker, and it threw of the timing and such. But once that is straightened out it will be an almost perfect song.

anyways: crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=821881
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Hahaa oh yes...That lick honestly, was the only thing that wasn't improvised, I came up with it when I was playing some random stuff and I had to re-record that part like 10 times. But all the rest soloing is improv'd, thank you for the comments and I shall crit your guys' too!
great riffs man... i especially liked the tapping part in the middle... and also the way it ended off

a well put together improvisation haha
it was great... i really enjoyed it

feel free to check out some of my stuff on my profile
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Damn dude, that's a swinging track. The solo's sweet, though there wasn't much build up at all which could be very helpful. Also, a bass part would complete the sound nicely, and if there already is one sorry because I can't hear it. Nice jam overall.

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your funk groove was very very cool man. loved the ripping on parts. complimented nicely. my stuff is not really technical, well, none recorded. but i'd appreciate a crit or two. they are song based so don't expect heavy shred or anything.

anyone welcome to crit