Im guessing the two songs you want crit are different and Tribal

I think that different is pretty cool in what its supposed to do. I picture it as something to lead into another song. Not as its own type thing, maybe like a middle interlude or something like that. It serves its purpose and I don;t think its meant to blow you away or anything, am I right?

Tribal, the intro is cool but a bit too repetitive, you could have a cut a few off but the track has good atmosphere throughout. If you really want to add to the tribal feel, you should definetely throw in some chants or something in the background, so ohhhhhhhhh's or something. The intro guitar is a bit sharp, if thees ways of softening up the tone a bit, I would. I like the walking basslines in the song, its repetitive but effective.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Thanks for the the feedback! Yea most of these songs are just intros to other songs, but I tried to go for the sitar sound in the tribal song maybe that's why the tone doesnt sound too guitarishh
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