I think I spelled that right...

Anyhoo, I own an Ampeg BA-115 combo and recently blew out the tweeter (the tiny off-set speaker, for those who don't know.) I had it unhooked, and while the main bass speaker still has a pretty good sound, I'm not getting the kind of treble I would like. The tech I took it to to have it looked at suggested I either have a cross-over switch installed or get a new tweeter.

From the get-go, he said the former would be really expensive, so I'm obviously going to go with the cheaper alternative.

So, where can I get a new tweeter, and what are some fairly inexpensive, solid brands? If there are any particular brands, that is.
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Have you tried contacting Ampeg directly to see if they can ship you a replacement part?

Another option is to try these guys: http://www.madisound.com. A friend at work swears by them and they are great if you have questions. If they don't have what you need, they will give you a load of options on who to contact. Good luck!
Thanks Anarkee.

And no, I wouldn't get the same one again. It was a poorly made little thing that the tech said he was surprised lasted as long as it did.