So i have a little Drive amp and im looking into getting a Blackheart handsome devil pretty much as soon as its available. I dont wanna go out and buy a dedicated cab for several reasons (cost, weight, no transportation for a heavy cab) and in general i simply like my little drive amp's setup.

So heres what i was thinking...I wanna change the combo into a mini cab but putting in an input jack and at the same time i wanna still be able to use the ss part by giving it a male 1/4 inch out.

First off, where would i get a jack? can i just use any jack or does it have to be a special amp jack. I was looking at a few endpin acoustic jacks that seem pretty nice and would fit perfectly after i drill a quickie hole in the back. And what else would i need? Cable...i read 16 gauge or thicker was recommended. Anything else? Oh and how do i figure out which wire is connected to which connection on the jack?

Next for the TRS out, i figure ill simply take off the cables going to the speakers and solder them to a neutrik 1/4 plug with some heat shrink tubing all the way down...once again which is my hot and which is my ground?

Finally is there anything im missing? Something i didnt think of? Ill post pics too
Ok so i actually opened the bum up and im gonna go off on a limb and guess that the red wire is hot and the black wire is ground (and while im at it, 1+1=2 and the earth is round...seriously..)

heres the pics anyways:




i really dig the idea, please keep updating it.
i cant really help, but i wanna know how it come out
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