Just some customization I'm guessing- nothing all that important, mabye reference for him while hes at a gig or something.
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actually I thought It was pretty slick looking and I have tried to research that mod on Google but I cant seem to fin anything just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to investigate that mod
Woudlnt be hard. Build a separate circuit and stick LEDs behind each knob. Run the circuit into a 9v battery, perhaps even two and wire in a on off switch and turn it one when you want the lights.

Almost looks like the knobs have been changed to clear ones and the LED's are inside of each knob.

Either way it isn't that hard to do with some simple electronic knowledge.
For those who care.
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It looks like sun refraction.
Har nånn egentli vorri langt sjøl om bestemt sæ for å bruk t å me gå å vill å gjør sjå mer lik?