So this is something that I recorded over the past week or so, and I thought that it sounds really, really good. Unfortunately, there was some error in my recording software before I could finish it, and now I pretty much lost it. But luckily I uploaded a section of it to itunes, and that's what this is. I'll probrably re-record it and finish it one day, but if you can just crit the 4 minutes that I have right now, that would be great. And don't tell me that the lyrics suck, because I know they do.

The songs in my profile. It's called "opener" because it sounds like the opening song to an album.

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Not the kinda stuff I'm into but you've got a pretty good song here. I like how it changes styles. Also the mixing sounds really professional, so good job with that.

Don't know what else to add, so overall, thumbs up
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dude i dig it!! great guitar and melody... i think the vocals need work... i was picturing a little more baritone just cause of the fact that it starts out with a dark tone, but then again your voice in there kind of reminds me of AFI. wish i could produce like that... would love if u check out my jams:

lol is AFI a good thing or a bad thing?
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I like the beginning, the guitar and drums very much, the keyboards(i think) sort of clutter the sound, though. And the vocals sound somewhat out of place, but i like them, sounds exactly like one of my friends voices, in addition to an AFI or almost Smashing Pumpkins voice. i like it overall though.

crit mine?

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