I have a ceriatone DC30 head on the way, and i want to build the head cabinet on my own .
so, i ordered some creamy Tolex, grill cloth, metal corners and an amp-strap/handle..
i need a few basics about the cabinet size - if i have the chassis sizes, how should I plan the cab-size ? should it be much wider than the chassis ? what's a good 'height' to make? oh.. and what's a nice wood for making it ?

do you want 2X10 2X12 4X12 1X12?

without that you can't really make a judgement

for speakers, i always liked celestion

^No, not that kinda cabinet.

I don't think theres a rule to building a head cab, just as long as it'll fit on a speaker cab. Wait untill you get the chassis, measure it and it'll be pretty straight forward.
These go to eleven...
It won't matter at all, it's purely aesthetic. And plywood will be fine.
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cool, thanks
but as for tubes - do all EL84s have the same 'height'..? i ordered JJs for it, but i wanna know if other makers make them bigger, so i'll make the cab big enough for everything to fit, in the future