Can I make use of a bass pick-up on a Guitar?...
It seems wrong ..
the pick-up was a Humbucker from a Gibson SG Bass...

any suggestion?
....so little time.
In theory, I think it would work but it probably wont fit in a guitar pickup cavity. I'm not sure about the tone though, it might turn out to be quite interesting, but on the other hand it might sound crap. I remember the Fender Bronco Bass had a normal Strat pickup in it so it'll probably work the other way around
I wouldn't bother - the Gibson bass humbuckers don't have any brightness to them. But by all means try it if you want.
Actually, the guitarist for Local H has a bass pickup in his guitar body, so, yes, it should work, given the fact you can wire it correctly.
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Assuming it's not a blade pickup, the pole pieces won't line up since you have six strings and only four pole pieces.
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