Hello Everybody! Our band is called WELICORUSS.We are from Novosibirsk (Russia)
and play symphonic black/pagan metal.
WELICORUSS is nearly 5 years old,but we have some demos.Today our first promo version of full album is avaible here:


Our videoclips are here:


An official band web-site:


We are glad to any comments and reviews!

Gunna check out one of the videos now, will give some feedback in a minute

The Blizzard clip is pretty awesome, the solo near the beginning sounds a bit odd in places, a bit out of key, but it's all good, well played stuff !
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Nice! Your music reminds me of some other band. I just can't remember which one...
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Siis mitä häh?
Amazing, my Slavic brothers. Keep up the great work!

I love the way a harsh Russian voice accents Metal.
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One of the greatest bands I have ever heard!

I'm %100 serious.
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I've already heard of you! You're awesome!
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