I love Blues music, it's what i mostly listen to... and when i got a guitar a couple of months back it was to try and learn to play Blues. But i didn't think i'd gradually (and unintentionally) shift towards Jazz guitar instead (not that i'm giving up on Blues guitar, not at all). Anyone else made that journey?

I don't think i have any Jazz guitar albums, with the exception of a couple of Larry Carlton tracks. So any recommendations on some slow to medium paced Jazz music CDs appreciated.

Also, any online lesson recommendations? I've been learning things like this.
hmm, i was different. id always been into blues inspired classic rock, but i became a jazz fan first. In britain, we had a smooth jazz revolution that started in 2003, and i really got into Jamie Cullum. This was because the music behind the singing was very good, and proper jazz was the natural progression.

Blues has always been part of the music that like, but John Mayer was the first proper blues artist that i got into. From him, SRV and Hendrix's blues album were next, and the rest is history....

Wes Montgomery is the perfect jazz guitarist. Check him out. I created a list of suggested albums which is stickied, so you'll find something on there.
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