i had no idea where to put this so i decided to put it in the pit, which is 'miscellaneous'.

well my brother has started playing drums, he does some beats to warm up, but its really all he can do, we tryed some blink 182 stuff together, but the travis barker drumming was too hard for him

so do you guys know any easy drum tabs?
You mean he can't hear out the drums by ear?!!!?!!?!?!?!
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Aye get him to try figure it out by ear

It's not too difficult and I imagine will make him a better player in the end anyway. Although for easy drums look at some AC/DC, simple as
He's gonna have to start learning by ear, but in the meantime, get guitar pro.
And www.ttabs.com has a drum section. 911tabs does too, but the ratings on there aren't too reliable (sorry zapp)
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