Any suggestions? It doesnt need to be big because its for home use, are there any small ones that produce a good natural tone?

Dancing In Your Dust
Supposedly the Ibanez ones actually sound nice. If by small you really meant in size and not necessary loudness or cost... the Fishman Loudbox 100 sounds really good and is really small for what it is, plus it's very loud. It's just $600. You can get an Ibanez for like $220.
i have a crate cimmarron 15 watt two input amp with reverb its actually quite decent for $150 U.S. kinda wished i spent the extra 75 dollars and bought the 30 watt but i didnt wanna piss my nieghboors off to much and the 15 watt can get quite loud. However after half way it saccrifices a little bit of tone.

I haven't played the 100 watt brother of it, but I'd imagine it has just as great tone.

Seriously, the sound is awesome, and you should get it. It's a heavy sucker, but the tone is worth it. I guess if it's only for home use, then it could be a 'waste', but if you ever plan on playing live, I'd look into it.