I'm looking to customize my strat, mainly turning it from a SSS strat to a HSS strat, with a humbucker. I'm also gonna add a new bridge, tuners and of course a new pickguard.

Currently i'm thinking about putting a Seymour Duncan JB SH-4 in the bridge position, but i'm not sure what single coils to use for the middle/neck positions. I'm looking to play rock/blues stuff on this guitar, i'll use my ESP for metal.
So i'm just wondering what would be good single coils to use in the strat. Any ideas?

I think you'd be better off with something like the Duncan Pearly Gates than the JB. It's a fairly hot and trebly pickup, which probably isn't what you want for blues. As for singlecoils, maybe an SSL-1 in the middle and SSL-5 in the neck would be good. The SSL-5 is similar to the SSL-1 but slightly hotter.
I also would second not putting the JB in the bridge. That'll be a poor match for a Strat, IMO.

I would put a Seymour Duncan SH-11 Custom Custom in there. The Pearly Gates is a nice idea too, though.

For single coils, I recently decided that Duncan's aren't that great for the price. I'd rather get handwound ones.

Check out rockmonkeyguitars.com, I have a set of his singles. Amazing vintage tone.
Cool, the JB is seeming to not be as good as i thought. I'll have a look for the SH-11, and thanks for the website i'll look now. Duncans do look pretty expensive, at least for me.


Anymore ideas?
he's from the UK

what means Swineshead will be a bloody good choice (and free shipping) ... and don't know about the others... so... no judgment on those
Yup UK, born and rasied xD

Alot of information here, so thanks, alot of choice aswell lol.

Oh and if I did buy seymour duncan SSL-1's (thinking for middle/neck position), well the only ones i can find are http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/ssl-1-vintage-staggered/10305, i'd buy white pickup covers, but how do you put them on? I presume glue? Just don't want to ruin the pickups.

and if anyone has any good sites for cheap bridges/machine heads, let me know xD

Ah right cool, it's just on my strat one of the pickup covers fell off after I took the scratchplate off. Just checking.