i've got this kent armstrong motherbucker and i dont know how to follow the bloody instructions that came with it. here are the instructions, an exact copy


here is a picture of the back of my guitar

does anyone have any alternative wiring instrcutions or know which wire to solder to which part? any help would be appreciated.

by the way, my selector switch is a 3way
by the looks, you need 3 mini DPDT switches

if you want to use it as 1 pickup, i'd say...

red and green soldered together and taped x2
solder white and bare together, and solder to an earth connection x2
solder the blacks together and solder to the switch
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ok thank you!

i think i can follow those instructions

what's a DPDT switch?
i'm rea;;y sorry coz i'm not familiar with terms like these
I've contacted WD Music about wiring mine and they sent me a word Doc on how to wire it. I'll link my wiring diagram up. the top writing is what WD Music sent me. the rest is how I've wired my LP up like.
treat each side as a separate pickup when you sort out your MB for wiring.
both bare leads go to the same place.
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alright stevo_epi_SG_wo and funguy, thank you very much for your help!
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