Are there any Wah pedals that can also act as an expression pedal?

I tried to search, but haven't found anything.
Expression pedal? What do you mean? A volume pedal? Or an all around expression pedal you can plug into some other pedal?
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What I mean by expression pedal is something like: Morley FX Blender Expression Pedal http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Morley-FX-Blender-Expression-Pedal?sku=150255

Like a volume pedal, but at full up, the guitar is clean, at full down all of your effects are on. So you can gradually change the intensity of the effects.

I'd like to have that, but would also like that same pedal to act like a wah pedal if I want (say there is a switch to go from expression mode, to wah mode). It doesn't seem like there is a pedal out there like this.

The idea is just to take up less space on a pedal board.

woodsballplayer, how can you make an expression pedal act as a wah?
No, I don't think there are pedals like that. That is basically an extra effects loop with an expression pedal to control the dry/wet signal levels.
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This thread if fail in almost every way imaniganable.
well do you know the wonderful world of midi and rack effects?

you got and effect on a rack, and it is controlled via midi.

look up the dunlop rack wah. I believe it costs alot,
I think that's going way above my price range. I only have a combo amp anyways. Sounds like that Digitech is the closest thing, but I'll probably just end up with an expression pedal and a wah.

Thanks for the help!