I have a Roland Cube 30 and want to record the amp to my computer?
What will i need to be able to do that?
thats quite a coincidence because I have a Cube 30 and Im looking to do the exact same thing. ^^

So far Ive have to put up with microphones and it sounds like... well, ****.
you'll need the riffs and recordings forum

mic it maybe?

or a line out connection?

either way, you'll benefit from a USB interface
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all i hav i a mic and i downlaoded audacity...and the quality isnt great but its still pretty good
it depends if you want to do. record the amp with a mic, or use programs and record the guitar straight to the computer using the effects in a program.
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You need somr type of interface. I used the lexicon iomega for a long time works great. Not all that expensive $175.00 or so. They do make less expensive ones with less inputs. But you will find out the more inputs the better cause someday you might want to record your band.
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^+1 for the omega. I have it and it works great.
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have a line6 toneport usb interface, but i dont like it, want to get my roland sound to the comp, will it work to get a cable from headphone on the amp to the line in on the computer soundcard?
It would work in the sense that you'll get the sound there. But it probably won't sound very good as computer sound cards will usually make it sound like a hive of bees (if distortion is used of course).

The clean setting would probably sound ok.

Try it out. Just make sure your recording software is set up to use the computer's line in as the signal path, and watch those levels.

But I still say check out the omega. Wicked easy to use, and makes everything sound great (with tweaking of course). It even had a direct input, so you could record a clean guitar and use something like revalver or amplitube to reamp it.
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does that omega work the same way as the line6 toneport? simulating tons of different amps? so it takes forever to find the tone you want.
No. It's pretty much just a input device. So basically, you get your sound, and either mike it up using the omega as a USB input device, or record it direct and reamp it later.

You can record ANYTHING with it, guitar, drums, bass. It has midi inputs for sampling, etc.


or the Lambda, wihich is cheaper, and has less inputs, but still works great.


You could do the headphone out to line in on the Omega or Lambda, but again I can't say how good it will sound if distorted.
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Epiphone Faded G-400 SG
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