How do you guys manage time to have enough time to play guitar and also have time to study for school and work in a part time job? Right now im in high school and I'm hesitant to get a job, since I won't have enough time to play guitar.

Can you guys give me your schedule is like, in terms of when you play guitar and and how long you work, do homework, etc...
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I've got my GCSE's coming up so I've stopped playing guitar a lot. Usually, I don't do homework unless it's realyl important (e.g. coursework).
Oh I have exams and a job and still I play guitar, cause I can't concentrate on my school work. I don't learn very much due to that, but I still get good enough grades to pass my exams.
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You have to manage your time really well.


I have school from 7:30-3:00, then afterwards, I head straight over to work from 3:30-8:00. I get home around 9ish and I do my homework until Midnight or so. Then I'll play guitar until 7:30. Repeat.
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School work always comes before guitar. Get that done first, it won't be that bad. Then you just have to manage between work and playing guitar.
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I used to work like 20 odd hours a week on top of school and band practice and also general bass playing, being with my girlfriend and maintaining a social life. Soloution:

A - nobody in their right mind needs 8 hours sleep every day. Take like 6 during the week and then crash on a sunday

B - Proiritise your homework. If there is a particular assignment that you know you can get away with not doing....Why do it?? Worked wonders for me in English and French

C - Drop out of school. Loads of free time then..........................
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I'd say prioritise your guitar playing above all, you can make great gains just doing an hour a day so maybe half an hour before you go to school and half an hour when you get home. If you can fit band practices around homework and stuff then you can plan practising around them as well. My thing is when I'm just sitting around doing nothing I think "shouldn't I be doing something" and i'll play guitar or my post grad or something... though most of the time I just end up watching South Park. Win.
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actually, don't get on the internet and just use it for guitar tabs and lessons.
stop using UG so much, get your homework done earlier in the day so you have more time for guitar. but cut down on TV and internet time.

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