HI. The song is called Pioneer and its in my profile. I wrote it for my GCSE for the subcategory Britpop. I know that it isn't really Britpop but I justified it in my appraisal .
If you leave a link in your post then I will definetely crit yours back.
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For the most part, it was okay. The riff at the start was a bit tired after a while, and the vocals sound as if you're just talk singing into a microphone. Are those MIDI drums? They lack any "oomph" in the mix..The guitar tone is a bit muddy.

Overall, a pretty good lyric driven song, but it needs a bit more care.
I like the main riff in the beginning, its catchy as hell. The drums sound horrible but thats not your fault I guess, but they are a bit off when things "kick in". Vocally, it was pretty rough, Im not one to comment because I can;t sing much myself but you sang with no confidence. Even if you don;t have a voice like "random great singer" you still have to sing like a cocky bastard. The arrangement itself is solid, but its so British. Which works because your from England lol

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