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Blackheart 5W Combo
6 17%
Peavey Valveking 112
10 28%
Crate Palomino 15W
12 33%
Epiphone Valve Junior Combo
4 11%
Fender Champion 600 5W Combo
4 11%
Voters: 36.
Whilst you're adding that poll, think about what it is you want to play and how much you have to spend. Also, will you be using it for gigging or just bedroom playing?
These are mostly for practice btw, and I will be playing a sort of mix between SRV+RHCP.
Personally I think it would come down to the Epi or the Blackheart. I much prefer the voicing of the Epi to the Blackheart, but wholly subjective. The Blackheart is much better featured (think of the Epi with most of the common mods already performed), but it's really a preference issue.
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If you're playing RHCP and SRV like me, I'd get the Blackheart. Consider that even if both play Strats, they sound really different, so with one amp you'll get the "almost perfect" sound for one but a "good but not almost perfect" sound for the other.
The Blackheart is for you if you play more RHCP than SRV, but for SRV over RHCP, better get another one with different voicing, like a Blues Junior.
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I thought the Blackheart sounded worse than the VJ when I tried it, still I would go with the Palomino because it has a gain control.
The Valveking is the choice if you're looking for a lot of power at a low price. But if you're just looking for a practice amp, I think the Palomino V16 is best. Great tones at low volumes, enough power to jam. All for just a few buck more than the Blackheart "stack," which would never keep up in a band situation.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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I played the Blackheart at guitarcenter. they're junk. they only nice feature on them is the built-in tuner. but that's it. tonally, it's junk.

I voted for the Valveking. you can use it for more purposes with it's more ample wattage. tonally, it's not outstanding but some people really like thiers. I wasn't one of them.
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