Just got an Epiphone LE 1966 G-400 and decided to take a look at the truss rod, and here's what I found:

It's back in there a ways, seems like it's made of wood, and doesn't appear to have any way to adjust it (just a round hole, no hex or anything). Is it supposed to be like that?
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I dunno, can't really tell by the pic but I have G-400 and mine likes they same way. Theres the hole and a little deeper into it is the hex. Try sticking an allen head wrench in there and see if it fits snugly and not loose. You should be good.
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Umm I'm really not sure I have a few different one's laying around and one of them happens to be the right size, unfortunately theres no indication on it of what the size is. Some one else might know.
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Try having a peek at the other end of the truss. Look through the soundhole toward the base of the neck, just under where the fretboard ends. What you might be seeing up at the headstock is the fixed, stationary end of the truss rod mount. For sure tho, one end or the other will have a means by which to turn it.

that's it, just find the right sized allen like said. usually you'll get one with the guitar, if not, leave an email for epi, ask them. ive got an epi, but my wrench isnt marked either.

might be mm or in inches.

and i suggest you dont adjust the rod unless it's needed.

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