I have a fender twin 100 watt all tube amp and i use a gibson les paul standard. when i turn on the amp while it is on the clean channel, it makes a very annoying and loud squealing sound and then when i turn on the distortion channel, the amp stops making the noise and it is incredibly and noticeably louder than what it should be. also, the distortion channel does not even have any distortion to it, it is just a very loud clean noise. also, when i turned on my amp and started to strum a little, it almost sounded as if there was a tremolo effect going on. i have tremolo on my amp but i havent been able to get it to work for a while. so what is the deal?
Before you do anything, check your cables. If the cables are fine, then sounds like you need to replace the tubes and possibly get the amp checked out. There could be a few loose connections, which wouldn't be hard if you've got any experience soldering.