New song on my profile! Please check it out and let me know what you guys think. Shortly I'll be adding some vocals to it so that should make it somewhat better...although I think it could pass as an instrumental, like all of my songs..


Hi, I like pie.

Thanks for the crit!

I think that the song has some good parts to it, but could use a little more development. The piano progression is pretty good and sad, and it has the scary phantom of the opera part in the middle to break it up. The synth compliments the piano well. Maybe with a gilmour esque guitar solo and some infrequent percussion it would sound complete. What you do have is solid and played well, however.

8/10 - Good job.
Hey man thanks for the crit:

I really liked it for what its made for. Its BEGGING for some vocals, great piano work, I wish I could play like that. I think maybe a little bass presence wouldn't hurt. Some deep notes following the root notes with the synth. It add to the atmosphere!
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Thanks for the crit!

Piano part is cool. True, it is Floydish. Good job recording it too, sounds very clean and well done. This song BEGS for vocals. Kind of has a creepy vibe to it, which is quite cool.
Good job!
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