This issue has bugged me for years.

How do you pronounce Haiti, as in the caribbean country?
I pronounce it Hate-E.
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I pronounce it Hate-E.

That's what I thought, but I've been told all different weird versions like Hi-at-ee.
I always thought it was Ha-yee-tee

I'm probably wrong though

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That's what I thought, but I've been told all different weird versions like Hi-at-ee.

Whoever told you that is now guilty of asshattery and will be sentenced to four lifetimes in prison.
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its hi-a-t
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but in american films they say hate-y
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I say Haytee
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I would say Hi-e-tee

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kind of like wall-e
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Haiti (English pronounced /ˈheɪtiː/; French Haïti pronounced [aiti]; Haitian Creole: Ayiti),

This is it. I don't see why you wouldn't pronounce Hi-ee-tee.
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Ive heard it pronounced Hai shee but I pronounce it Hay tee
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