i have a Orange Crush 15w amplifier, it is a regular combo solid state 15w pushing through a 8 inch speaker. no tubes or nothing. well as it is with all low wattage amps, once i go past 2/3 on the volume knob, the sound just starts getting worst and worst. what i wanna know is that if i replaced the standard 8' speaker with a 25 watt 8 inch speaker, would i be able to put my volume knob all the way up on the amplifier and the sound would still sound good? not breaking up and sounding horrible like how it does right now.
heres the link of the speaker i plan to get

yes its possible and it shoud sound better but it cant get any louder cause your (i dont now how you say it in english)knobs of gain and volume the thing with the electric components in it cant get louder as it is now maybe a little but i dont think so
please answer if you replaced it thnx!!!!!!!
It may not make any difference. Its part of SS amps they sound worse turned up loud. May be time for a new more wattage amp. And 89 bucks would pay for about half the price of a 30 watt.
if the 15 is loud enough, get a tiny terror, it'll be at least twice as loud.

and it sounds better as you crank it