Have any of you guys ever heard of a Black 5? Made around 1970 (Last year of man.) or so from what little I can gather from the net. Bought it on Ebay last year ;wasn't working. Had it repaired. Bad preamp tube socket and tube. Some resoldering done. It had Sovtek's in it and it sounded really good. Well I retubed it recently with GE 6l6GB Black plates and Sylvania 12AX7 Air Force mil. spec. Black plates and an Sylvania 12AT7 Black plate (trem. driver). All tubes are NOS from the mid fifties. The articulation, transparency and overall sound is MUCH improved however, now I can hear a low level hissing, crackling kind of noise and a slight hum. With all that being said , are the new tubes revealing pre-existing cap. issues that the crappy Russian tubes just masked? Thanks for any help you guys can give me.
It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.

but seriously I have not a clue what that is........Sounds interesting though do you haev pics?
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