guys i really need some couching on how to help with noise control, anytime i play something u can hear others strings in the back ground noise, and if i try to mute them with me palm it makes it sound like im palm mutting everything and i dont want that.
use the fingers that aren't fretting to mute the strings. it takes time to learn, don't get discouraged.
As already stated, practicing using the tips of your fingers to mute the strings. Also, try doing a barre (If you're doing chords or fretwork that requires it) to mute strings as well. You can also use your picking hand to mute strings.
Use your palm to mute all the strings lower in pitch than the one you are playing. Use your index finger to mute all the strings higher in pitch than the one you are playing. After a while it becomes second nature.
ok i was wondering, but what about when your tapping with your right and left hands, how do you mute the strings then, because dont when you tap your palm isnt touching the strings?