Hi! here is my question....I have a .txt tab, but when trying to upload it, all the spaces between the chords above the lyrics have dissapeared...how can I do to preserve this spaces? thanks
copy, paste?
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yes, I did that...and when I submitted it, the spaces were gone and the chords are one next to the other....how do you Pros create your tabs?
Hi Juani88,

Under the text box, see Go Advanced?

Clicky it and you'll see a # button with all the text formatting buttons and what not.

The font that's used in general doesn't have the same letter-spacing like what you would use in Notepad.

When you click the button, the code will be wrapped around the text. And the tab will come out in this box.

hi, again in trouble...you may think I'm a moron :S
I can't see the Go advanced button!
The box you said was the "Preview tab" box?
At the bottom of the page. Where you type stuff.

It says Post Quick Reply or Go Advanced. :/
I'm with Juani. There is no "Go advanced" button anywhere on the submission page. I can see "Post Quick Reply" and "Go advanced" right below where I'm typing now, but we're talking about submitting tabs, not forum posts.

And I've got the same problem. How do you preserve the spaces between chords etc?
You write the tab in notepad or something, then you make a new thread and write lots of ****.
Then you paste the tab there and select it and click the # button which is to "wrap tags around selected text"
yeah i'm having this problemo as well.

NOT THE FORUM POST! but the "tab Submission" Page

Heres the song im trying to post:

	            Trip and Stumble - Defiance, Ohio
Tabbed by: RichKidonLSD

Tuning: Normal

Intro: C C G Am F F F F x2

And I haven't had an honest conversation in weeks and irony rolls off my 
                                  C (hold)                      G  (hold)   
tongue much more easily and I don't think it's mean, it just represents a 
   Am (hold)              F (hold)  C
chilling disconnect from reality. And nation building nation states are 
G                          Am                                             F
captured in the acetate or filtered through our heads through the flicker of 
                          C                      G
the windows on our street as we're walking home. Is there any place that's 
Am                       F
sane? Is there any place that makes sense?

    C        G                Am         F           C               G
And I said, "Things are bad," didn't I? Didn't I? And we tripped and stumbled 
    Am            F
for half the walk home.  x2

C Am G

C Am Bm Bm Bm

C               Bm                            C              Bm
What the ****? Is this what passes for life? I'm pretty sure this is the 
                           C             Bm
worst that I've ever felt? So ****ed up, that even I'm talking crazy 



Em Em Em
End on Em

works perfectly on the forums but when i try to post on the submission page it pushes all the chords over to the left with just one space inbetween each.