hey guys

i would like to start recording but i have no idea what equipment to get, i have nothing at all so what equipment should i get to start recording some stuff. i dont have a lot of cash so something cheap that will get the job done.

I know there is far better things, but i would reccomend a Behringer UCA202. I have one, and they are pretty good for the money. I picked one up for about 25 quid i think. It's really simple to use as well.

Alternatively, you could go for a cheap mic. But i've never had any experience with them so I can't really tell you more.
usually computers come with a cheap mic. when i first started recording, i used that and a program called "Audacity" which is 100% free.

Just play around with where to put the mic in front of the amp (or infront of your acoustic guitar) to get a good sound.

later on, if you want to get a better sound, try buying a better mic.
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  • Instrument
  • Microphone
  • Microphone cable (XLR/Jack)
  • 6.3mm jack to 3.5mm jack adaptor
  • microphone stand
  • Computer
  • recording software
microphones and a recording program for your computer. I use Garage Band, not perfect but it works, but it's only for macs. I recomend two mics, a large diaphram condenser and a dynamic
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so if i get the Behringer UCA202 what else will i need ???
do i need to put any software on my pc?? or mics??
You'll need one of these: http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/cmr-203/69304
And one of these: http://www.radioshack.com/sm-1-8-stereo-jack-to-1-4-stereo-plug-headphone--pi-2062468.html
Then you plug in the end of the Hosa CMR into the adapter thing, then plug that into the Line-out of your amp. Plug the white and red cables into the UCA202 in the input holes, then plug the USB connection into a USB port on your PC. Then make sure you are using that to record with, go to the little speaker in the system tray, right click and select audio properties. Go to the audio tab and under Sound Recording, select USB Audio CODEC from the drop down list. As for software, I would reccomend using Audacity (it's free, Google it).
Line6 TonePort GX is the best recording tool ive bought to date, aside from my guitar

Costs less than $70, comes with a huge list of amp/cab/fx sims, and allows plug and play recording with the program of your choice.