All I have now is a sh*tty Squier Stratocaster. Would an upgrade to a:

Dean ML X be worth the money? I can get one for like $250 on a website.

My playing style is:

Rock, Hardcore, Metal, ect. A mixture you can say.

Quote by Eirien
Don't get a Dean ML X because it will fall to pieces!

Really? Is it crappier than my squier though?
You should probably save up money, and then buy something more worth while...for metal and whatnot, maybe an esp or ibanez in the $400-$500 dollar range. Even though its more expensive, it'll last longer, and sound much better, so therefore its more worth the money.
Your Squier probably cost about $200. Now, think about it, how much will a $250 guitar improve your tone, especially from a company who think they're the holy grail of guitar companies?

Look into rondomusic.net.
yes, for the price you cant go wrong. I had one and loved it, but i since sold it and bought a set neck 79 series ml, but for a cheap bolt on guitar they are suprisingly good quality
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Quote by Eirien
Don't get a Dean ML X because it will fall to pieces!

And you know this because...?
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In my experience, cheap Deans should be avoided. I'd say look into an Agile. Even at that price range, they are awesome guitars.
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I have one and I like it. Its one of my instruments of choice.
But I'd only buy it if you can't get the sound you want from
a squire.( which is probably the case.)

Also mine has yet to even have the SLIGHTEST problem.
sorry to jack thread, but what shape neck is this? Looks awesome!!
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