what is the difference between a piano and an organ(the musical instrument not the body part)?
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different sound, not constructed the same
kinda like an acoustic and a classical guitar
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One is an instrument, the other is a body part.


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pianos use hammers to strike strings.

organs blow wind through pipes of different lengths.

thats the main difference.
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First, they sound entirely different. Pianos have only one sound (apart from the different degrees of muting with the pedals) and organs often have hundreds of different effects.

With pianos, the music is made by hammers attached to the keys hitting strings inside the piano. With Organs, they are wind powered pipes (assuming they're not electric organs)

Pianos have 88 keys on one keyboard. Organs often have a couple keyboards on different levels, with less keys on each.

Organs have numerous pedals that are used as the lowest keys where the feet are. The piano only has 3 pedals that are used to mute the strings to different degrees.

Also, the organs are centuries older than the piano.

I think those are the biggest differences.