im a noob to start off with. Anyway im thinking about buying a beginner recording setup. i have aroung £200-£250 at the minute. looking to record vox,electric guitar. im looking at the line6 toneport UX2 ,good idea? , good software with it?. what mics would i need/be good?

i dont blame you if you want to shout abuse at me for being another recording noob lolz
HAHA dude im a bit of a recording nooooob myself.

As far as mics go you cant go wrong with a shure SM57, i have one and they sound great on the guitar and there not to bad for vocals either

And yes i would go for the Toneport. It would be a Great start , and it has 2 XLR's so you could record vocals and guitar at the same time. As for Vocals i have a samson CO1 wich neeeds phantom power. But ive read the tone port DOES have phantom power so its alll goood :P you oculd use the CO1 for acoustic guitar aswell

Hope that helped dude
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lol, cheers, the CO1 is on gak.co.uk for £29 so ill probaley get the toneport, shure sm57 and the CO1. just gotta wait to get paid next week lol.