I've been playing my gibson les paul studio through my crappy practice fender 15W amp for way too long, so i think it's time to get a new amp.

I'm looking to get an amp that i can jam with a band with and play some small gigs. Also i have heard great things about tube amps but i don't really know enough to make any descisions without some advice.
I play mostly blues and classic rock so i'm not looking for any extreme distortion.

Thanks a lot for suggestions
I'm thinking around 400-500 dollars max

i can buy something of good quality with that much, right?
Quote by Chris RL
I'm thinking around 400-500 dollars max

i can buy something of good quality with that much, right?

Yeah, you certainly can.

Refer back to the.spine.surfs' post except this time, mentally add 'used' at the beginning.
I like the suggestions... thank you a lot
i'm gonna have to go and try some of them out

I still have a few questions though,

These amps seem pretty similar in size to my current practice amp. I assume they will be louder because they're tube amps but is it really enough to gig with?

Also i've heard that tube amps are just all around the best way to go. Why do people even make SS amps then? Are there downsides to the tubes?
People make SS amps for beginners that just want something cheap and simple to use with no maitenence. Some SS amps are really nice but they get to be expensive. All of those amps would be loud enough to gig. THe only problem is that tube amps distort when they are played loudly so with the 15 watt amps you wouldn't be able to get a clean sound at gigging volumes. I think the Peavey Classic 30 or Peavey Delta Blues would be great. The classic is more marshall while the Delta Blues is more like a Vox AC30.
^mic it up
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Quote by angeldef
^mic it up

i actually was forced to mic my fender 15W because my friends band's guitarist blew them off so i had to step in.

Worst feeling of my life playing live on a practice amp

thats why i wrote this thread haha
good call acdc...

i checked out the Peavey Delta Blues and the Valveking 112 and the Vox Valvetronix AD30VT tonight

I loved both peavey's especially the delta blues but i for whatever reason i wasn't a big fan of the Vox

any other ideas?
the 1x15 one

i loved it but its pricey so maybe i'll check out a used one... is the 2x10 any better/worse?
a JCM900 would do it alright, a C30 would do it better!

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

I got it down to the Peavey Classic 30 or the Delta Blues

classic thirty

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.