hi ive decided to get a strat whats the best one for around that price range im into rock music. could you link me to a web site that you reckomend too if you know any thanks. also need a new amp for £100-250
Fender or a strat style guitar?
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You should be going the other way around. You want the guitar for £100-250 (though probably more like £300ish) and the amp for £600-800ish. Your amp will do more for your sound than the guitar.

I recommend http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Deluxe-Fat-Strat-HSS-Electric-Guitar?sku=510477

and http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Peavey-6505-212-Combo-2x12-Guitar-Amp?sku=481433
Converted for price those are in your range of what you want.
if ya want a real strat you can get an american fender standard for around £600 i would think

you will want to spend more on the amp compared to the guitar tho

EDIT: You could look for a 2nd hand american strat, ive seen one around £450 which is pretty decent
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^ Well get a good 15 watt amp, check out the Orange Tiny Terror, Laney VC15 is a cheaper alternative
With that kind of money you at least want some kind of tube amp over solid state.
i literally hear the orange tiny terror is a good amp :P
get it!!!! lol
has a brilliant classic rock tone
Gibson 58 RI VOS Custombuckers
Mesa Lonestar Special 2x12
never heard of levison does any1 famous use them?
i need a amp that has a headphone socket does the tiny terror have 1?
Make your budget half and half, get a Japanese Fender Strat, and a decent valve combo.
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