whenever i click a link for a web page it either loads as "untitled" and has nothing on it, or does not do anything and i have to click repeatedly, OR the page will show up completely messed up. and very rarely does it load properly, in which case it takes a long time to do so. is anyone else having this problem? how do i fix this?
explain what that has to do with homosexuality
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probably won't respond because you called it a homosexual. Does it touch your internet explorer's penis at night?
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explain what that has to do with homosexuality

It's gay porn.
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Of course Firefox is gay, look at the flames!

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ok ok, firefox isnt gay because internet explorer is doing the same thing. but really how do i fix it?
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explain what that has to do with homosexuality

usually Firefoxes that have trouble loading things are proven to be homosexuals.
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well firefox 3 is coming out soon (not of the closet), that might fix it
is ur internet cable plugged in?
refresh ur connection?

that is the very low limit of my knowledge....
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This is almost as stupid as when someone thought there might be a UG warehouse where all the tabs are stored.

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sounds like your internet is just sucking.. reboot your cable/DSL modem and your router/switch... if that doesn't help call and complain