Getting my hair cut cause I play 4 sports and it gets in my eyes wayy too much. Question: How short while maintaining my punk attitude?
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Maybe if the Jews were kind to Hitler the holocaust wouldn't have happened.

or y dont u screw the 'punk attitude'

but still listen to punk, like punk stuff n be original in who u are. -.-

in other words... cut it however the hell u want.
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Carmel is hawt
you need help "maintaining your punk attitude" if you need help with being who you "are" then your not being yourself
cutting hair for sports? Just wear a headband or something. Getting in your eyes isn't that big a deal unless you swim, then maybe get it cut.
Just tie it back. Or backcomb it so it all goes straight up, like a pillar, and glue it up with gel and hairspray.
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