or do you have to go to some specialist which i doubt there is around here...And what do you say..will" here i need this guitar set up" do..
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It'll help them if you tell them if the action's a bit too high/ low, you're getting a fret buzz, intonation's off, etc.
ask if they have a guitar tech, and yes that will do - your preferred action height and tuning might also help.
hmm you see this is my first time dealing with electrics and i will be buying online like i did my acoustic..My acoustic arrived perfect and everything seems to be set up properly...but on researching Elec guitars i have been advised to have it set up...I spose ..can you make the action as low as possible without fret buzz seems the best bet
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Order in the guitar and see how it plays. If it plays well and stays in tune, don't bother with a set up unless you are desperate for maximum playability. On the other hand, if it plays crap, set up! Ask the guitar tech or whoever is doing the set up if you can watch them do it so you can learn to set up your guitars in the future, saving you some serious cash.

Also, what guitar are you ordering in? For a first electric guitar, I would get something low maintenance (i.e. hardtail hint hint) with a maple neck.
ya i am getting a mexican fat strat with a maple neck(artic white)....
I was also considering an epiphone g400 custom cause it looks so damn nice...

Whats so great about maple neck?(other than it making every guitar look a little more expensive)
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maple necks are associated with a slightly brighter sound - for the tone gurus out there. to me it's pretty much cosmetic.
Quote by guitarguy182
how is it associated with "low maintenance"

With rosewood fingerboards, you're supposed to treat them periodically with a clean/ polish, since they're not finished. Maple fingerboards are, so you don't need to. Of course, most people go years on end without cleaning rosewood fingerboards and never know the difference. Also, since it isn't finished, rosewood isn't as slick or (arguably) quite as fast as maple. It's all up to preference, though.
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maple necks are associated with a slightly brighter sound - for the tone gurus out there. to me it's pretty much cosmetic.

I generally view maple necks as more slicker to play than rosewood. But yeah, some people to see it as only cosmetics.

To TS, is there no way for you to try out and buy the guitar in store? MIM Strats have a bit iffy QC; you can get awesome strats for the money which people would say bests even USA Strats but you can also get some really **** ones which I have tried out.