So I'm learning the solo to "Iron Man" and it's going well. One problem spot is figuring out the best way to do bends. Toward the end of the first solo there are some hammer-ons followed by a few bends on the high E string, 9 to 12 then a full step bend. The problem is sense I'm playing in 9th position I'm bending the 12 with my pinky. Would I be better off just using the trem for that part or multiple fingers to get the force required? It's a pretty quick transition, I'm just looking for a few pointers.

if you can bend it clean, then you can try raising your action a little bit.

if you are using .10's, you can try dropping down to .9's and using Hybrid Slinky's.

otherwise, you are going to have to practice getting another finger in there.

bends are a bitch and can slow you down.

edit: my trem is blocked, gonna unlock and try that out.

let me know if you figure it out, because I am having the same problem.
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Try using your ring finger with the index and middle supporting it.

Thats how I roll

Thanks for the advice. Generally, I don't have trouble bending strings with my ring finger to my index, but it's near impossible with my pinky. I was curious to see if people would tend to shift one position back to use their ring finger, or stay in position and boost the pinky with the ring finger.
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just hammer with your ring finger.

I'll give it a shot.