I hold it like that for strumming and picking but if you feel more comfortable holding it another way, you should keep playing on your own way.
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That's really wierd..but i guess it's proper
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in my opion
which ever way it feels better for you
liek the other person said ithis is just the proper way
doesnt mean its teh only way
I like it for picking, and I think Im gonna force myself to get used to it for strumming. Only bc the way I used to hold it for strumming/picking it would always twist between my fingers causing the "round part" to be facing the strings instead of the correct part. thats actually why I looked up the vid haha, but when I hold it like that it doesnt spin at all.
Personally, i like to use the shoulder of the pick (the rounded part) instead of the pointed part for strumming and picking.