I have just got a cab for my Laney LC15r to make it sound better, and the cab is 8 ohms and says on the back that the maximum it can take it 80w RMS. My question is, can the cab handle a 50w valve head that i might get in the future? 50w valve amps are only 50w when clean, so i was wondering if it would blow when cranked?

I should add that the 50w valve amp would only be cranked through an attenuator, and played at the level of a cranked 15w valve amp, so would it be able to handle this? At the same time, using the same principle of cranking it through an attenuator and attenuating it quite a lot, would i be able to use a 100w head? or does it not work like that?

No amp I use will be cranked without an attenuator, and it would never be cranked more than is needed to play a pub, so would i be able to use any amp at 8 ohms through the cab? or does the wattage rating of the amp have to under the cabs rating regardless? thanks
The 50w would work easy.

The 100w would work through an attenuator, but I wouldn't turn it up too much as you'll get speaker dirt.
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