It would be originally used as a bedroom amp before moving up to band practise and after that ill have saved up for a tube...

I will be playin alot of indie rhthm stuff(bar chords etc)....ZERO metal..

Or if you think a tube amp in that price range would be best recommend one under 300 euro (thomann.de)..But the lack of amp models is a loss and the fact ill probally just buy a better tube amp down the road
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Try them both out and see with one you can get a better sound out.. I'd think a Vox would suit you better though.
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I'd go with the vox, and i always use it for bedroom practice and i sometimes used it for band practice, it is a great amp. I'm pretty sure it would suit your needs.
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Cubes are better for metal. Valvetronixes are better for... everything else. I see you don't play any metal, so get a Valvetronix.