Probably not. American parts made to inch measurements dont fit to well on asian guitars made to metric measurements.
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will a '62 reissue tremelo bridge or american strat bridge work on a squier?

The MIA AV '62 RI, MIJ '62 RI, and MIA 2-post or 6-string vintage bridges have 2-3/16" string spacing and will fit MIJ JV or SQ series Squier Strats from the early '80s.

The more modern MII, MIK, and MIC Squier Strats typically have 2-1/16" string spacing. For this, look for MIM Standard Strat bridges ... not the MIM RI, Classic, or DeLuxe since those are also 2-3/16" spacing.

If you have the modern Squier model, you'll have to fill in the 6 mounting holes and re-drill for the 2-3/16" spacing.

Go for it! The beefier tremolo blocks from the MIJ and MIA Strats can only help.