so for the past couple of days ive been hearing this rattling noise coming from under my E B G strings inside my pickups. it only rattles when i hit the A and E strings together. its an epiphone SG, about 2 1/2 years old. has anyone experienced this problem before? i have never done any work inside of a guitar so. very little experience there. would it be best to take it by a shop or do you guys think i could knock this out myself. ooh, by the way, im not dumb so (excpet for when it comes to this kind of stuff) chances are if someone could tell me, i could figure it out pretty simply. the reason i posted here is because no one would answer on any other threads.
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Wrong forum.

yea i know. thats why i explained to you, no one else in any other forum would answer me. but the pit always answers. right? hey guys? hello!!!
fret buzz. truss rod.
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fret buzz. truss rod.

no, not fret buzz because when it starts to rattle, i can put my finger on the pickup and it stops. and this problem just started so. i dont think i could randomly have fret buzzing problems after several years of play. truss rod? please, go on.