EWWWW why would you want that? Sometimes they get interference, just and FYI. Unless you running around on stage I don't think you need one.
Unless you get an expensive one...its not worth it. And even then *shudders*
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Half Stacks are OVER-Rated
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**** NO!! if you're getting one... and i dont see why you would.. be prepared to pay 350$+ because those cheap ones will kill any signal your guitar my produce... in other words youll get the tone of a cheap Walmart guitar through a radio

EDIT: man i went to a DT gig last week and since the stage they were performing wasnt huuuuge both petrucci and Mijung (sp?) were using cables out of their guitars!!...

DOUBLE EDIT: the post below proves my point... 400+ bucks is good range
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Personally i see the only use for wireless systems is on big stages and if you are like Satriani who changes guitars for like every other song....
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if you dont have the rig of your dreams, dont waste money on a wireless system...

if you do, don't short yourself and get something worth it...

imo, it isn't necessary...
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do EXACTLY what rock savior said.


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^^ X2,00,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

To me

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**** NO!! if you're getting one...

LOL. I use $7 cord myself.
buy monster cables instead... they are very nice
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